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MetaPhysic 26", France


Mark Hudson, USA


" I'm really impressed with how much power makes it to the rear wheels "

Jean-Louis Amand, France


" It's cool, I'm very satisfied with my bike "

Klaus Kohler, Germany


" I drove more than 1000 kilometres with my new MetaPhrastic bike and what shall I say, it’s wonderful – very fast, well comfortable, looks very good and is a light-weight bike!

I wish you and the MetaBikes company a very good future – thanks for all. "

Kurt Jensen, Eugene OR USA


"Each ride is better than the previous. Thanks for a great design!"

Paul Worden, Australia

Dave Larson, USA

Surley tyres

Off-road / all-weather MetaBikes recumbent. Equipped with huge Surley tyres 26x3.8" (97mm wide!!!)

Philippe Descubes, France


MetaPhysic ready for fast touring. From MetaBikes dealer VELOFASTO

Contact Velofasto for inquiries HERE

Trey Milligan, USA


Custom built MetaPhysic, painted in "red baron" color

Tomeu Fornés, Mallorca


Tomeu in his tour through Galicia, in front of the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela

Stephen Severino, USA


Transmission components: Sram Red + Rohloff hub

Fred Larimer, USA

MetaPhysic CF

'Took the MetaPhysic on a hilly club ride last night. Lots of admiring comments even from the DF riders. It was clear that I could out climb anyone there. The bike handled the mashing very well. I got up a couple of hills I didn't think I would.'

Thierry Devemy

Thierry MetaPhysic

'It's a very good bent.' - MetaPhysic from Thierry Devemy of ATOUTVELOS

Didier Varin

Didier is just as avid video creator as recumbent rider. He has recorded some interesting movies with the MetaPhysic in action through Normandie in France.


MetaPhysic 2

Metaphysic 3

Bordeaux-Paris 2008 (1)

Bordeaux-Paris 2008 (2)

Bordeaux-Paris 2008 (3)

Bordeaux-Paris 2008 (4)

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